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Before I wrote this post, I didn’t understand hashtags. I’ve seen it all over social media and the internet, but didn’t see the point of it. Why do people use it? Does it actually have a purpose? Well I did a bit of research, and let’s just say, I’ve learnt it is one clever concept…

According to Urban Dictionary the hashtag is predominantly associated with Twitter, in which case it allows people to post tweets linking to topics, sparking a worldwide, giant conversation. It allows people to also search for or follow discussions by searching a hashtag. #interesting #crazyonlinediscussions Considering the inventor of the hashtag, Chris Messina, sees it as an “accidental” invention, its amazing to think how it has evolved social media (not just Twitter) and created conversations for everyone around the world to join in. #worlwideconversation #accidentalawesomeidea

Although it seems like a clever concept, the idea of the hashtag hasn’t been lucky enough to cop absolutely no negative criticism and feedback from the public. Some are saying the hashtag is harmful in that hashtags associated with a specific event or topic can be overused by tweeters, meaning that for those who want their tweets to be noticed by a wider audience, it ain’t gonna happen. This is because in different cases, for example popular sporting events, hashtags will be used millions of times per second! So your tweet MAY get noticed for a second (literally), then get buried under a truckload of other tweets the next second. #soz Other negative criticisms of the hashtag are that they are ruining the English language. Instead of writing full sentences, we now use hashtags. #lazy #needcake #eatingnutella #mmmm This also gives our posted words on the internet a sense of ambiguity for example in the case of #winning:

Let’s not forget hashtags that can go absolutely wrong. Having words mashed together can lead to being read in a way which they’re not meant to be read, or they can be abbreviated to something completely different and unrelated. A couple of my personal favs #susanalbumparty #nowthatchersdead.

The Australian Open this year used many different hashtags to spark a wide spread conversation relating to Australia’s biggest tennis event of the year, but even they managed to be associated with an interesting hashtag which unfortunately had a double meaning. #AOselfie was used by fans at the Australian Open to post selfies whilst at the tennis on social media platforms. Mistakenly the #AOselfie hashtag could also be interpreted as ‘Adults Only’ selfies, although luckily, due to the heavy flow of traffic during the event, it was only a minority compared to the amount of tennis selfies. #yay #phew #R18+

So there we have it, the hashtag. Let me know what you think, are you a heavy user of the hashtag? Do you understand it? Or do you agree with the negative criticisms? #opinions #lemmeknow #commentsbelow #keepscrolling #enjoyinghastagging #alittletoomuch

Oh, and to finish off, here’s some JT eye candy my fav video on hashtags (the world better not come to this). #enjoy #JTisababe #ifpeopletalklikethis #iwillmovetomars #toodloo


2 thoughts on “#whatisahashtag #whyhashtag #whypeopledodis

  1. I use so many hashtags especially on instagram! and only some of them make sense to others. But i dont really care. hashtags can bring together many people with similar interests together and can allow others to see what is happening with that hashtag. and so many brands use it to with give aways and stuff so they are able to identify the people who have entered.

    but i have to agree with the faux pas with the aus open! that would of been so embarrassing! ill have to remember to check what i hashtag next time:P


    1. That is absolutely right Ying! Hashtags play such an important role now in bringing people together in one big online conversation as well as building up a brand and its name in the market. Yes, companies need to be really careful in double checking hashtags they use to promote themselves! Luckily, the Australian Open, being such a huge brand already, receives numerous tweets and posts covering up posts which could be troublesome for the brand itself.

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