My Favourite Tennis Ads

Tennis has seen some amazing ads in its history, most of which involve tennis professional players themselves. Below are my top 3 favourite tennis ads of all time.

3. SPEED WingTennis ft. Novak Djokovic

The ad showcases Head’s new YouTek IG SPEED MP racquet with Djokovic playing tennis on the wings of a plane at 1000ft in the air with his partner. This crazy feat was done to showcase the speed and precision of Head’s new racket, in that it is so fast and precise that players are able to rally whilst on top of a flying airplane. I love this ad for the way its made into a short, dramatic film through the use of slow motion effects, and a storyline to follow, which isn’t told through spoken words but expressions and actions of the characters shown. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens in the end (that they are able to rally on the plane then land safely), even knowing it was an advertisement for Head.

Youtube views: 1, 134, 459

2. Nike Football Commercial – Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Rafael Nadal

The Nike ad showcases a battle between Ronaldo and Nadal; Nadal playing tennis with his racquet whilst Ronaldo returns the tennis ball over the net using soccer skills such as kicks, head butts etc. Although this isn’t an advertisement specifically on the sport of tennis or tennis products, it still promotes the sport through demonstrating Rafa Nadal and his skills on the court as well as the amount of fun he’s having playing tennis. Nadal’s presence doesn’t all go to waste though, being covered in head-to-toe white Nike gear, promoting the brand’s clothing as well as it’s new soccer boots which is what the add is focused on. Let’s not forget that eye candy too…

Youtube views: 505, 771

1. Roger Federer Nike Ad

My all time favourite ad displays one of (if not the) tennis’ legends of all time, Roger Federer defending himself from a supposed stalker of sorts (played by one of comedy’s legends Rhys Darby) by hitting a tennis rally inside his house using his weapon of choice, Wilson tennis racquet. This is my favourite tennis ad for many reasons including the use of drama, humour, a luxurious home as the setting, and great characters – both Rhys Garby and Roger Federer himself. It shows Federer to be invincible, talented, whilst still humourous and laid-back with the help of Nike attire (and Wilson racquets), convincing consumers to also purchase Nike products through celebrity endorsement.

Youtube views: 2, 616, 909

Digital marketing implications

Use of Youtube

Although these ads for Nike and Head would have been displayed on TV, websites, etc. the use of Youtube drives the awareness of the brand and players involved as well as revenue due to the high use of Youtube throughout the world and the numerous amounts of viewers who make videos viral. These are only a couple examples of videos found on Youtube which have gone viral due to the media platform. Therefore, companies need to be aware and ensure their ads not only reach traditional advertising platforms, but also social media platforms, and online such as Youtube in order to extend reach to as many people internationally as possible.

Professional player endorsements

The use of professional tennis players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic in advertisements strengthens the ad for the brand and its products as it portrays the message to consumers that professional athletes approve of these products and use them to contribute to their athleticism and performance. Consumers will then feel more convinced to purchase these products in comparison to advertisements which may still be clever but not feature world-ranking players of the sport.

What are your favourite tennis ads? Do professional athletes convince you to purchase products if they endorse them?


How Tennis Legends Remain Legendary Through Social Media

Social media and sport. Two things which having been put together, have completely (and beautifully) evolved the sports industry and all involved. What is social media you ask? Social media refers to sites most of us use daily including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Sites like these allow us to connect, share, post, comment, and link to others from all over the world.

As a tennis enthusiast, it’s been amazing to see social media and its influence on the top players in the world. As funny as it sounds, tennis players are brands. And as brands, tennis players (along with all other sporting professionals) need to market themselves in order to develop a large support and fan base. Therefore, it is necessary in our society today, for sporting professionals to use various social media platforms.

To start off, let’s take a look at my all time personal fav, Roger Federer. He’s beautiful, I know. Just under 15million likes on Facebook, 464k followers on Instagram, 2.7million followers on Twitter, and the 2nd most popular tennis player on social media (number 1 in my eyes). What do all these big numbers say about Roger? They tell us he engages with fans. He includes them in his life, and makes them feel important to him. Although it’s difficult for him to personally engage with all of us fans, he takes the time to post photos, statuses, and tweets of where he is, what trophy he’s just won, what he’s eating, who he’s making friends with, and what sort of cake he got for his birthday.

Becoming an instant Twitter sensation back in 2013, the Feds also conducts Q&A sessions on social media such as Twitter and Reddit where fans are able to ask the man any questions they like, and when I mean any question, I mean any question.

So pretty much, sporting professionals need to have a social media presence if they want to be noticed in the world and supported by a large number of fans because let’s face it, if Roger Federer didn’t have the thousands and millions of followers on his social platforms, fans wouldn’t pay top money to watch him play tennis, sponsors like Nike and Wilson wouldn’t do anything for him to wear and use their gear, and the 4 grand slams throughout the year wouldn’t make sure that all his towels were folded to perfection during tournaments. All this happens because of his fans and support from his engagement with the world through social media. He’s not just a great athlete but a role model, a great influence to all those that look up to him. This is where social media is important. It’s needed by sporting athletes to be able to maintain their stature and reputation in a digital world where 72% of internet users are active on social media.

I want to hear what you have to say. Do you think it’s important for all sporting athletes to be on social media? Which sporting athletes do you follow on social media? Why? Leave a comment below, otherwise click here if you’re after some Twitter advice from the tennis pros themselves.